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Can Equus Coaching help you? Contact us for MORE INFORMATION, OR TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT.

Equus Coaching began at CWE when Koelle Simpson visited a few years ago. I observed Koelle’s interaction with our horses and her clients and was immediately intrigued by the revelations and insight her clients gained. The Equus Coach training profoundly changed my relationship with horses from my days as a competitive dressage rider; it has given me a new path for connecting people with themselves and the natural world and the sometimes hidden insight and gifts it can provide us.


My practice invites clients to rediscover their connection to themselves and nature enabled by the horse’s instinctive behaviour in beautiful ocean-view surroundings, apart from the noise and mayhem of modern life. Having earned an MBA in International Business and lived and worked around the world, I am familiar with the many and various pressures and stressors of the modern, high tech working world, and can help individuals and groups work through the barriers that prevent them from being happy, productive and confident.

Equus Coaching is not easy to explain. Some previous cients have called it "life coaching with horses".  Essentially is is allowing the horse to show you when you are present, centered and true to yourself. Horses will seek "connection" with people who are aware and available; they will avoid connection if you are preoccupied, distant or pretentious. The exercise of clearing your mind and allowing your feelings and instincts to take a step forward can be amazingly helpful. 

The actual physical activity means that you will be in the round pen (a 50-ft, fence encircled arena), on the ground, with a loose horse. We will introduce you  to the horse, review safety and demonstrate some possible interactions. We will talk about something that you want to work on, maybe something that is bothering you, a feeling or an idea you would like to address. The horse will show you what you need to know - about yourself.  

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